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Your supplier of all types of frames and materials for photo decoration and products to customize. Print directly your customer's photos in the best quality!

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Photo Decoration

Materials for printing photography in direct printing. For your clients to decorate their home with personal and original pictures. Perfect for any kind of wall, bathroom, bedrooms, living room ...
Print the photos of your clients in the highest quality with our materials for photo decoration. We manufacture and distribute methacrylate sheets, canvas, wood, slate stone, foamed PVC, polystyrene, aluminum, photo frames, edged pictures, and more!

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Our photo decoration materials

Print on our photodecoration materials. Click on each of the boxes and go to our Online Store!

Easy Pic

Easy Pic allows you to change printed photos in an instant.


Methacrylate is a substrate that takes advantage of natural light. Bring the image to life.


Canvases for printing photography in large formats.

State Stone

Slate stone of rustic essence. Valid for sublimation.


Glossy and smooth polystyrene. Great adhesion and high quality prints.

Jute fabric squares

Canvas panels to print.

Foamed PVC

Foamed PVC. Easy to print, lightweight and inexpensive.


Aluminum. Perfect to print high quality black and white photos.

Photo frames

The photo frame allows you to alternate photos on paper. Methacrylate-like effect

Edged squares

Edged squares. Elegant, super light and easy to hang.


Rustic and original finish wood. Ideal for black and white photos.


Items to print photography in direct printing. For your customers to add a personal touch to everyday items or for merchandising and advertising. We have mobile phone cases, mouse pads, key rings, badges, vinyls, vinyls, scooter platform, games, puzzles, leather goods, fridge holders ... and more! Discover them!

Online Store

Our products to customize

Print on our customizable products. Click on each of the boxes and go to our Online Store!


Customizable vinyl scooter deck.

Business signage

Resistant methacrylate to personalize business signage.


Keychains to personalize at a private level or with a company logo.


Clock base to personalize. Polystyrene and methacrylate.

Glass Perfection case

Tempered glass, perfect for high quality printing.


Vinyls to personalize objects. From scooters to video consoles.


Badge to personalize with a photograph or a company logo.

Mouse Pad

Mouse pad with registered PerfecPad finish. Maximum adherence to the surface.


Rubik's cubes to personalize with photos.


Customizable puzzles with photos.

Leather goods

Leather goods for high quality printing.

Fridge holders

PerfecPad finish fridge mounts. Maximum adherence without magnets.

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